Artistscent Candle Company & Why They’re So Great

Natalie and I crossed paths at some point about a year ago and I couldn’t be more thankful. She is a kind and generous woman, wife and mother and fragrance expert who happens to own her own company making candles! What’s unique about this company, is Artistscent creates beautiful scented candles in partnership with artists. Each candle’s design is thoughtfully derived from an original piece of art, which Artistscent adapts and permanently screens onto reusable glass vessels through an exclusive license. Artistscent works closely with artists to create custom fragrances that complement each piece and bring it to a new dimension. It is a fusion of art and scent like no other. It’s such a cool concept and so different from anything else you’ve ever seen. The benefit to this process of screen printing, is these glasses can be washed and it won’t ruin the imagery, so after you burn out the candle, these containers can be repurposed. I’m going to share some of the candles I have and some other favorites that I have sampled! These would make such great gifts for hose warming. hostess gifts, teacher gifts; especially that art teacher 😉 and you would be supporting a small business!
They’re having a Black Friday Sale w/ BOGO 50% Off!!

From the four-color screen printing process to fragrance creation to the thoughtful packaging, it’s all hands-on. Artistscent strives to work with small US business vendors, many of which are family-owned. All products are 100% made in the USA.

Meet The Artists

Ron Chereskin

Ron Chereskin began his career as a freelance illustrator quickly rising to prominence by producing award winning magazine covers, as well as commissioned paintings and illustrations. His works are on permanent display in the library of The House of Representatives in Washington, DC and MOMA in New York City. Now for the first time and under the Modernist brand, Ron brings four of his favorite graphics into scented candles, combining his stunning designs with his fragrance vision for each.


Coral is my favorite! Linked here!



Elizabeth “Lizzi” Karlson


Illinois-based contemporary abstract artist, Elizabeth “Lizzi” Karlson, is deeply influenced by nature and emotions. Her paintings are full of color, texture, and calming energy. Each piece is unique and is a release of her thoughts, emotions and inspirations. Colorful, moody, calm, or vibrant, the colors of each painting interact to create an ethereal scene and evoke a unique set of emotions for the viewer. Each person will feel and see something different.


Some Winter/Holiday must haves are linked here —> Evergreen Shore | Soul Flame | Dockside Morning


Ronnie Queenan

Texas-based self-taught modern abstract artist, Ronnie Queenan, began his career as an accountant. After being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Ronnie discovered his artistic talent when a friend suggested he attend a healing art class. “From that first day, my life changed forever. I think my art came about as a blessing in disguise.” Painting has had a positive effect and it allowed Ronnie to actively ease his mental state during treatment for his illnesses. Ronnie has now been cancer-free for over eight years.


Under Construction II is a great scent for the cooler months!


The Process:

Artistic elements and principles are embedded in Artistscent’s people and process. Fragrances: Artistscent’s custom and exclusive fragrances are based on each piece of art. The artist conceptualizes how their individual artwork should smell while Artistscent translates their vision into unique scents. It is a true partnership that results in a visual and olfactive fusion. Candles: Developing high-performing candles that burn clean and have a great cold and hot throw (the fragrance strength unlit and lit) is quite complex. It is an art unto itself. The custom fragrances are formulated specifically for Artistscent’s premium wax blend and cotton candle wicks. Candles burn evenly for approximately 55-60 hours. All candles use the highest quality ingredients and are cruelty-free as well as free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic dyes.


I have so many of these candles and my favorite part is, aside from them looking pretty, they smell amazing even when not lit! If you like shopping small,
even though you can get them on Wayfair, this is the thing to buy!

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