Neutral Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

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Neutral tufted headboard and bedding

The Plan

When it came to our bedroom, the vision was clear. The room has an entry hallway that opens up after about 8′ from the door. Along your left side we have two double closets and our en-suite. They say that the proper way to arrange your room is so that when you enter, you stare at your bed. This is how we had our room, but I knew I wanted a wood detail wall, and right next to the ensuite door was a window that made everything else off center. I decided to switch sides, so that the smaller, stand alone wall, would become the feature.

The Vision

We completed our wood detail and painted it with the same color, Polar Bear by Behr, as the rest of our house. That basically set the tone for the entire color palette. When Raymour & Flanigan agreed to partner with me on the bedroom furniture, I had such a specific vision. I quickly learned from having done the office with RF, that they have product styles and prices for every one and every budget! We actually came in way under our allotted budget for this room, and what I picked is not only gorgeous, it’s amazing quality! The furniture is sturdy and so heavy and bed does not move!

Below are the mood boards I created…

Mood boards are a great way to get a feel for the direction you’re going in because you can see it all laid out right away.

Lorient Nightstands

Lorient Dresser

Sheridan Upholstered Platform Bed

Bahar Area Rug 8×11

Sweed Valley Pouf

Natural Fiber Runner Rug

The Process

I believe I landed on the dresser and night stands first. I had so many options in my cart but ultimately couldn’t say no to these beautiful Lorient pieces. The warm, natural, earthy tones were so calming and classic. I knew that they would lend themselves to many different decor options, should I ever want to move away from the Modern Farmhouse [don’t worry, I don’t see that happening anytime soon]. They’re great neutral pieces to have and provide an incredible amount of storage. They’re large too!

From there I started looking for a bed and while I again, had so many picked out, I knew I wanted high back, tufted, ivory/linen…and the nail heads pulled out the warmth of the dressers and other natural elements that I knew I wanted. They actually had a nice selection of this exact kind of bed, but in the end, I decided upon this Sheridan Upholstered Platform Bed.

The Details

I mention often, how a rug can be the simple solution that ties an entire room together. I started looking for rugs and fell in love with the Bahar Area Rug. It’s gorgeous blend of dark charcoal and ivory adds such a classic and warm vibe to the room. It’s peaceful and soft but offer the contrast you need to give you a bit of a pop! The largest they had was an 8×11 but it was so perfect for the space, I made an exception to the “rug rules” and went ahead with it.

Typically, if you have a king, you should get a 9×12. You want the rug to stop at the front legs of the nightstands and extend out as wide as they do, if not a little extra. The rug should also come out from the foot of the bed quite a bit, where you might place a bench. It should be placed 12′ across, from nightstand to nightstand.

I didn’t want to be too matchy, matchy with the runner, but with this long hallway, we definitely needed to add some warmth there. I decided upon this Natural Fiber Runner. There are many shades available but I went with the natural/grey combo, so that it would tie in with the other furniture. Mostly, I wanted to bring out the natural tones in this amazing Sweed Valley Pouf I found for the corner of my room. This pouf and a faux tree will complete my “dressing” corner, along with my standing full length mirror. The runner draws your eye right to this fabulous, functional accent piece. The pouf also adds great texture to the space, as does the faux tree.

Natural pouf

It was such a pleasant experience working with Raymour & Flanigan and I really love that they offer style and budget options for everyone! Plus, they have free shipping on thousands of items and they have showrooms scattered around the Northeast. My greatest stressor during this process was settling on a decision because I literally had 5 bedroom sets in my cart that I would have loved to bring into this space! If you saw my stories, you saw some of the beauties! If only my husband liked wood beds as much as I do!

As always, feel free to comment with any questions you may have! We had so much fun designing this space and couldn’t be happier with the end result!

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