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Updated: Oct 24, 2021

I have experience with styling boxes that come to your doorstep from years past, so I wasn’t totally nervous when Wantable reached out and asked me to collaborate with them. I have to say, while the concept is the same, there’s no comparison between the company I had used and Wantable. In fact, while I do receive some credits for my collaboration with them, I always end up buying way more [I don’t have to buy anything, mind you.] In this post, I am going to break down the concept and hopefully help you feel more comfortable jumping into your first box!

Let me first explain my collaboration. Basically, I get one Edit [box] a month, with the $20 styling fee waived. They give me a fixed amount of credits to use towards an item[s] in that box, but I am not obligated to keep anything, and if what I want to keep is more than the credits, I pay for it myself.

What is Wantable?

It’s an online service with personal stylist waiting to dress you! You take a short quiz on your style preference, size etc and leave a note with any specifics you may want the stylist to know. I always write, “I love neutrals or muted tones, I’m a teacher and mother of 3 young boys” yada yada…because I’m not going to wear some bright orange top or clothes that need to be ironed, etc…Then, they get to work doing their thing and a few days later you have a new wardrobe at your doorstep!

How many things do you get?

7! This is more than I’m use to. As I open my box, I find myself asking how many things I’ve pulled out because they just keep coming!

How does is work?

You try on all of the items and anything you want to keep , you keep. Anything you want to send back, you stick in the pre labeled bag and leave it on your doorstep for USPS, drop it off in a mailbox or slap the UPS label on that they also provide and drop it off there! Whatever is easier!

One pair of jeans, 3 ways!

untitled image

How much does it cost?

There is a $20 styling fee when you place your order, but this gets applied to anything that you keep. For example, you love the $60 pair of jeans? Now they’re only $40 more out of pocket. If you keep 5/7 items, you get 20% off the total and the $20 STILL gets applied to whats left. It’s a great deal! As for pricing of the items, they offer tiers that you can choose from. How much would you be willing to spend on jeans, sweaters, jackets and so on. This way you’re never shocked by the price points of what you get.

What are the benefits?

In my opinion, it is a great way to try things you might otherwise not. For instance, I am not a huge dress wearer, so I wouldn’t go looking for one without an occasion. This month, I got the CUTEST boho olive green dress for fall and when I put it on, it felt like butter and I instantly wanted to wear it everywhere! The other major benefit is, if you’re into a capsule wardrobe, this is an amazing place to start or even to build on it. They send you 7 items that can all be mixed and matched, so you end up with 12 looks in one box, let alone how could style them with pieces you already own in your closet!

untitled image

Do you have any control over what you get?

Yes! You can either leave it up to the stylist or you can scroll through the “stream” of items in their edits. I sat down and went through everything, declining things I would never want and you can even request specific pieces you do want, just as if you were online shopping. I prefer the element of surprise, since it is a different concept. So, I definitely declined things I wouldn’t want, but you can also label things, LOVE, LIKE, DISLIKE. They will never send you something you dislike; only what you love or like.

My overall takeaway is, I have become pretty obsessed. I recognize a lot of their brands and they are top notch, such as Thread & Supply [one of my favorites]! The ones I didn’t know, I am now in love with. It’s no secret, if you follow me on social media, that I live for all things soft, cozy and easy to wear [meaning, with 3 kids, I don’t have a lot of time to play around, but still like to look chic]. I have yet to be disappointed with anything I’ve been sent. I’m now to the point where I order multiple Edits a month! I get my style, active and just recently placed a sleep and body edit.

Below are some of the most recent items I got from my Fall Edit!

untitled image

Everything but the shoes & accessories were in my box!

Simply put, I would highly recommend Wantable. It’s easy, convenient, affordable and I love how tailored to your style and budget it can be. I’ll include a link here, that gets you a discount on your first box! Ask me any questions you may have in the comments!

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