Are Tumble Rugs Good?

Are Tumble Rugs good? Short answer, YES, SO GOOD! With three small boys and two large dogs, my home is a constant balance of bringing in something new and shiny and quickly bringing that new item back out to the trash. We have spills and muddy feet and a dog that still pees in the house…it’s lovely! Naturally, the trend of washable rugs piqued my interest and left me feeling as if though it’s really the only way. Our lifestyle can’t sustain spending hundreds of dollars over and over to keep our home looking nice.

While I want to replace every rug in my home with a washable rug, I take forever to make a design decision, so I narrowed down my scope to the kitchen, since that’s where we spend the most time and our runner has seen better days.

My runner problems:
1. Constantly moved off of the rug pad, revealing the ugly beige woven pad or the pad would bunch, creating bumps.
2. It was woven leather/jute, so all the crumbs, dirt and any spills went right through and settled on the floor under the rug.
3. It was too natural and blended into the floors, offering little contrast.
4. It obviously wasn’t washable so it looked very worn and permanently dirty/stained.

I have looked into several companies, as they all seem to offer a similar product but Tumble caught my attention when I saw them in action, while scrolling on Instagram. I was most impressed with the spill proof feature, when I saw their reel of a glass of red wine and coffee poured onto the rug! It just pooled up like it was on plastic! Tumble also offers free shipping & free returns and has a really nice variety of rug styles, sizes and colors. The price point is also much more budget friendly than others I’ve looked into, which is something that was important to me and my husband…more my husband.

I really wanted to brighten up the space after having such a neutral runner for so long. My vision included contrast and classic vibes. I call our home a Modern Coastal Farmhouse. You’ll fine neutral and natural tones, wood accents for warmth and black metals, brass and moody paint tones for the modern element. Our wood tones are more of a driftwood, so I went with the Tabriz 10′ runner in Sea Blue/Ivory because it’s subtle, will bring out all of the soft sage greenery I have in the house and the soft muted blue compliments the wood tones, keeping with the coastal vibe. It’s all about balance and this plays off of the dark island nicely. I’m also toying around with changing the island from black to iron ore…Thoughts??

How do you pick the right runner? It should be as long as the space it’s in. For us, I’m matching the length of our island, which is 10 feet. If you’re space is extra long, you can use two runners, with a small space in between, just make sure you don’t end one in the middle of an entryway. If there are doors alongside the runner, I try to make sure it covers those openings with some extra on the ends. For example, I have 10′ in my upstairs hall way, from the outer edge of one bedroom door the outer edge of the other. I need an 11′ runner so I have a few inches of overlap. I could do 2 smaller, but my stair are in the center and I don’t want to reach the top and see a separation in the rugs.

**Bonus Tip** Don’t be afraid to mix and match what you like. The days of one style are long gone!

I could not believe how great the quality of this rug was, immediately out of the box! I expected a rougher, less cozy material, considering the waterproof nature but it is anything but that! It is so soft to the touch, silky smooth and can be thrown right in the washing machine! I wash it on cold, by itself and then dry it on low. It comes out good as new and lays flat immediately with no curling corners.

Something I overlooked was how great the rug pad would be! It comes in squares and you assemble it easily, the way you would a play mat for a child, just aligning the notches and pressing it together. It is thin enough, allowing my robovac to easily vacuum over it, but thick enough that you feel like you’re on one of those foam sink mats. It offers cushion and grip and is also easily cleaned with a wipe or rag and some cleaner [Like how you would a yoga mat]. I like that it does not have velcro, like I have seen on another brand. My pad got so dirty while I was washing my runner and it was easily vacuumed and wiped right up. I would imagine the velcro is not as easy to clean. This also does not hold the corners down the way that Tumble’s pocket feature does. The runner itself has the built in corner pockets underneath, that the mat slides into, keeping the rug corners down and aligned with the pad.

I also could not be happier to get rid of the tassels [the robovac was forever getting stuck in them!] This rug literally solved all of my problems!

If you’re gearing up for a spring refresh or just want a change in general, definitely check out Tumble’s options! Click here for an automatic discount!
You can use code Kelli_TMBL203 for the discount as well! 

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