My Monthly Grove Collaborative Order

I love clean living and using products that work but are safe for my boys and pets! I slowly and accidentally fell into this plant based, natural world and now I can’t go back! I will use the occasional Clorox wipe for the intense messes that I feel requires the extra gusto, but overall, I am totally in love with the level of clean that these products bring. I’ve been using Grove for years and love them because they offer products that you can’t always find in the store, but mostly because you get them at a discount, they come right to your door AND you get free gifts!

Below are my revolving monthly order staples. The links are below the photo collage.

untitled image

Walnut Scrubber Sponge

Bubble Up Dish Brush

Coconut Scouring Sponge

Carpet and Upholstery Stain Remover

All Purpose Compostable Wipes

Grapefruit Brightening Facial Wipes

Wrinkle Release Spray

Restorative Lip Treatment

Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Microfiber Cloths

Method Dish Soap

Method All Purpose + Antibac

Toilet Cleaner

My Random Finds. Links are below.

untitled image

Tanning Lotion

Hand Soap Refill

Dishwasher Pods

Bug Bite Balm

Carpet Refresher

Flea & Tick Spray

How it works:

– When you sign up, you get 60 days of a free trial, so that’s 2 monthly orders!

– After that, should you decide to keep it, [because you can cancel for free] it’s $20 for the year!

– You can skip months altogether, change your order whenever you want, add, remove etc.

– You also set frequencies, so I have some things automate every month and others every 2-4 months.

– You can not only change the dates but if you need something asap, you can ship it that day.

– When you spend certain limits, you get free gifts and usually there’s a great signing bonus gift too!

As always, feel free to ask any questions!



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