How To Incorporate Custom Artwork Into Your Home

In case you didn’t know, I’m actually an artist! I went to art school and was a graphic designer in NYC before switching to teaching art. I paint and sell and like to do stuff for myself to keep as well…but as much as I love abstract art as decor, there’s nothing like reliving some of life’s greatest moments, big & small, every time you walk into a room.

I honestly forget how I first found Smallwood Homes, but it was probably on Pinterest or Instagram. It was those extra large custom frames and the second I saw them, I had to have them. After our first ever family trip to LBI in October of 2020, I ended up with three amazing photos of the boys, that I thought would be amazing for these custom frames. We were also completing our shiplap wall in the stairwell and I just had such a vision; these frames would be so perfect!

These are the XL, 25″x44″ custom photo frame in the Almond color.

untitled image

The quality of the canvas was so exceptional, I was truly blown away. It’s different than I expected but they’re fabulous. It’s thicker and harder than I imagined it would be and the pixels are mind blowing. I can see every detail of the photo crisp as if though I zoomed in! The grains of sand on Jack’s face make it.

I also dabbled in their custom wrapped canvases just a bit….they’ve kind of exploded all over my house. The problem is, I have 40,000 photos on my phone and I hate that I never see the photos! I spent countless hours sifting through and thinking back to moments I enjoyed, from when Bert was a baby and so on. I was able to come up with some of our simplest but most treasured moments….at Oak Hill Farms, in the wild flower garden, at the beach…simple.

This is our home office and these are the XL Square, 25″x25″ custom wrapped canvas.

I love the wrapped canvases because they have dimension and you get to see the photo from every angle. Again, the quality is second to none. I have these, the small squares which are 13″x13″ and some of the 17″x25″ rectangles. See below!

This is our stairwell to the playroom, playroom, upstairs hallway entering our room, Bert’s room and the other corner of the office. [Don’t mind the rooms, none of them are completed yet!]

The phrases, sayings and custom wording that you can create are also a favorite of mine. You can play around with fonts, sizes, colors and add a personal touch to accompany your beautiful photos!

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