HGTV Dream Home 2021 Event with Belgard Outdoor Living

I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the HGTV Dream Home 2021 Event, however, due to COVID, this year it was virtual. Normally, they would’ve whisked my husband and I away to a fabulous weekend at the Dream Home 2021, wined and dined us and showered us in lavish gifts! I will say, while we couldn’t physically be there, I felt like I was! I got a chance to hear, firsthand, from Brian Patrick Flynn [the interior designer] and Joe Raboine [the Belgard Outdoor Living expert]. They explained their processes that went into designing this home and why they made the decisions they did. I have to honestly say, I feel so educated and soaked up every word they said! Clearly, home design is a passion of mine and I really enjoyed hearing these talented experts explain how it all came together.

Watch this video to get an up close and personal look at all of the details with Brian Patrick Flynn!

A few days before the event took place, I was greeted at my front door with a pleasant surprise! As I approached the door to get a closer look at the package, the beautiful navy blue Belgard logo started to take form. Upon opening it, I found all the things to instantly transport me to Newport, RI [which is where the Dream Home 2021 is located]. Belgard Outdoor Living had sent me this gorgeous and thoughtful gift of Famous RI Clam Cake and Fritter Mix, a crab smasher, crib picks & cracker, some sea salt and a scoop, a beautiful navy yeti for my coffee and a signature cocktail recipe which I CAN NOT wait to try!! I’ll post that later!

During this event, I learned all of the behind the scenes design processes and how/why certain products were selected. Hearing how Brian planned out his color schemes and how he staged the area was SO interesting! For instance, predicting the year’s trends based on a popular music album cover! The hardscaping for The Dream Home 2021 is like nothing you’ve seen before! Each paver was carefully selected with a purpose to compliment and tie together the entire space, and it really did just that! I fell in love with so many of Belgard’s products and it really got my wheels turning when thinking about our yard.

Below are some photos of the interior and exterior.

untitled image

We are redoing our backyard this Spring and that includes installing a rather large, 1700 sq ft patio. We are going to create an outdoor kitchen, dining area and hopefully have room for a lounge space as well. I found myself not knowing where to start. I know what I want, but want to make sure I can execute it properly. While listening to Joe Raboine, the Belgard expert, I learned about their Belgard Rooms Planner! I felt like I was on an HGTV show! This thing is so cool, as it allows you to select the space you desire [kitchen, dining, living, office etc] and then they offer ideas based on your home’s style. You can play around with product and see what it will look like, in a virtual, 3D design. It really brings the concept to life so you are left with little to no unwelcomed surprises at the end!

Amidst all of the Belgard products, my husband and I fell in love with quite a few! We are doing a mix of white and dark around the exterior of the house, from the pool deck to the roof…so I want to tie it all together, to create a cohesive look. Belgard has so many options that are a perfect blend of warm and cool tones and their design elements are just beyond.

untitled image

I’d like to truly thank everyone involved for inviting me to participate in this unique experience and a big thank you to Belgard, for their generous gift! Joe Raboine was inspiring and shared so much wonderful information.

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