10 Tips For Stress Free Packing

Jacket I Tank I Joggers I Sandals

This photo was what I wore for the car ride to the hotel and I was oh so comfy but looked put together and felt super chic when we arrived! [Although I was not wearing any makeup and my hair wasn’t done!]

1. Ok, so my main tip is to keep a small travel bag filled with your toiletries etc, always packed and stored in the linen closet for an easy grab and go.

In mine I have:




Face Wash

Face Lotion

Body Wash

Body Lotion


Makeup Remover Wipes

Contact Solution


Hair Oil

Leave In Hair Treatment


Dry Shampoo


Lip Balm

Extra Hair Ties

Bobby Pins






It seems extensive and no, my bag is not that big! I get all travel sized things and refill them, if I can, with my full sized stuff when I run out. I will inevitably forget something small yet important, so this way, I am always prepared! I subscribe to ipsy, so a lot of times, I take those small products and use them for this purpose!

2. It weirds me out to keep a toothbrush in there because of the bacteria and who loves a hard bristle anyway…so I always make sure that on the day that I’m traveling, as soon as I brush my teeth and put my contacts in, I pack my toothbrush, contacts and glasses. Here’s a link for a really convenient toothbrush cover. [If you happen to get new frames and have 2 pair, you can keep the older pair in this bag too, so you don’t have to worry about bringing the ones you wear daily.] I always get nervous that I’ll forget them ON the vacation and not have them when I get home.

3. Another tactic that I find helpful [but obviously, it depends on the nature/length of the trip and how much space you have] is to pack versatile items; neutral pairs of shoes, simple basics that can maybe be reworn or repurposed with a statement piece…like tiny white tanks and a pretty kimono, for instance. Rewear the same pair of jeans and so on.

4. I bring a plastic bag to put my dirty clothes in, so when I inevitably repack things I ended up not wearing, they aren’t mixed in with dirty stuff!

5. Roll your clothes. You can actually layer a few tops and pants together and tightly roll them up. This prevents wrinkling and also creates more space in your suitcase!

6. I place my shoes heel to toe and stick them along the outer perimeter of the suitcase and then fill in the middle. This saves space and stops your shoes from getting crushed.

These last 4 are from my husband. I laughed writing them, but he really does follow it, so here you go!

7. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…so that he doesn’t forget anything like underwear, etc..

8. He uses the netted compartment for his dirty laundry. [I use this for my undergarments]

9. He puts his socks inside his shoes, since it’s empty space. [I thought this was pretty clever!]

10. He packs the “sturdy” items, like his shoes etc on the “wheel end” of the suitcase, so when you lift it up to roll, it doesn’t crush anything delicate or that can get wrinkled.

Hopefully this helps you the next time you sit down to make your mental list! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a post!



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