Neutral Modern Farmhouse Formal Dining Room

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

So, a funny thing happened today. @liketoknowit.home posted a pic of my dining room. This, in and of itself, is amazing and I’m still pinching myself to make sure it is real life. Quickly, this one account has 1 million followers and aside from that, one of the big bloggers I have been following since I started, commented on the post! My life has been made and all of my hard work has completely paid off. I can now retire! [JK, now more than ever, I feel like I’m just getting started!]

The irony in this situation, is that for the past 6.5 months, this room has been our catch all, junk room. My mother in law asked my husband how long we were going to let it sit like that! It really was bad, and if you read my post about it a few weeks back, you saw what it was! Just the other day, we finally pulled the trigger and got our chairs and table ordered and luckily delivered. I cleaned out most of the boxes, threw a bunch of stuff out, hung a painting and the sconces and got halfway through refinishing the fireplace before running out of materials. [Everything comes Tuesday to finish, so keep checking in for that transformation!] We have big plans for the built-ins in this room and have been talking to cabinet makers, but until then, what you see is what you get, inclusive of the football under the chair #boymom and a glimpse of the remaining junk in the corner!

I can’t wait for everyone to see this room when our entire vision comes to life, but in the meantime, a half done, strategically taken photo [taken with my phone] will have to do! Sidebar, we are absolutely in love with the new dining furniture! It goes together so well and while everything was exceptionally hard to find and sold out most everywhere, our persistence paid off and the end result is perfect! The chairs are such good quality; our friend who only buys @restorationhardware furniture, touched them and asked if they were from RH! Who knew, @amazonhome would nail it! Our table is from Macy’s, you’ll just have to wait until October to get it! It has the leaf in it and seats 10 comfortably but can fit 12! We may search for 2 arm chairs and move the existing ends to the sides…I think we’re going to get the matching credenza too…

I’ve linked the furniture and other items in the pic, in the small thumbnail images below the photo. Scroll through, using the left and right arrows and click on what you’d like to see!

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