• Summer Style Guide: What To Buy From Pink Lily Right Now

    Summer Style Guide: What To Buy From Pink Lily Right Now

    USE CODE MARCH20 for 20% OFF and then APRIL20 once April hits! 

    Peach Sweater  |  Red One Piece  | Brown Romper  |  Sweater Tank

    I love an open knit summer sweater for the boat rides, windy days and chilly nights by the fire pits! You can’t ever go wrong with a simple romper either. It’s such an easy way to look like you tried while keeping it simple and looking put together.

    Kimono  |  Oatmeal Fringe Shorts  |  Sage One Piece  |  Blue Shift Dress

    Four great statement pieces. Each is simple and classy and super simple to wear without much thought!

    Palm Print Romper  |  Taupe Beach Pants  |  Pink Straight Leg Jeans  |  Sage Overall Shorts

    Going away to an island for the weekend? Here’s your style guide! Just add in a bathing suit!

    Olive Ruffle Shorts  |  Chambray Shorts  |  White Jumpsuit  |  Tan Ruffle Shorts

    Shorts are such a staple in my daily wardrobe all summer and they have to be comfortable! From ruffles to smocked waists and chambray, I’ve got it all! these are such great closet staples in soft neutrals to go with everything! Layer them over bathing suits or wear with tops. The jumpsuit is a must!

    Sage Smocked Pants  |  Pink Shorts  |  White Textured Slides  | Paperbag Waist Shorts

    These four items were too good not to include. They all over unique details that take them to the next level and will make for easy to put together outfits that will keep you comfortable all day long! Stock up on these great closet basics!


    Thanks so much for being here and I hope this summer style guide helped you out!
    Comment with questions and as always, thanks for reading!

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  • Are Tumble Rugs Good?

    Are Tumble Rugs Good?

    Are Tumble Rugs good? Short answer, YES, SO GOOD! With three small boys and two large dogs, my home is a constant balance of bringing in something new and shiny and quickly bringing that new item back out to the trash. We have spills and muddy feet and a dog that still pees in the house…it’s lovely! Naturally, the trend of washable rugs piqued my interest and left me feeling as if though it’s really the only way. Our lifestyle can’t sustain spending hundreds of dollars over and over to keep our home looking nice.

    While I want to replace every rug in my home with a washable rug, I take forever to make a design decision, so I narrowed down my scope to the kitchen, since that’s where we spend the most time and our runner has seen better days.

    My runner problems:
    1. Constantly moved off of the rug pad, revealing the ugly beige woven pad or the pad would bunch, creating bumps.
    2. It was woven leather/jute, so all the crumbs, dirt and any spills went right through and settled on the floor under the rug.
    3. It was too natural and blended into the floors, offering little contrast.
    4. It obviously wasn’t washable so it looked very worn and permanently dirty/stained.

    I have looked into several companies, as they all seem to offer a similar product but Tumble caught my attention when I saw them in action, while scrolling on Instagram. I was most impressed with the spill proof feature, when I saw their reel of a glass of red wine and coffee poured onto the rug! It just pooled up like it was on plastic! Tumble also offers free shipping & free returns and has a really nice variety of rug styles, sizes and colors. The price point is also much more budget friendly than others I’ve looked into, which is something that was important to me and my husband…more my husband.

    I really wanted to brighten up the space after having such a neutral runner for so long. My vision included contrast and classic vibes. I call our home a Modern Coastal Farmhouse. You’ll fine neutral and natural tones, wood accents for warmth and black metals, brass and moody paint tones for the modern element. Our wood tones are more of a driftwood, so I went with the Tabriz 10′ runner in Sea Blue/Ivory because it’s subtle, will bring out all of the soft sage greenery I have in the house and the soft muted blue compliments the wood tones, keeping with the coastal vibe. It’s all about balance and this plays off of the dark island nicely. I’m also toying around with changing the island from black to iron ore…Thoughts??

    How do you pick the right runner? It should be as long as the space it’s in. For us, I’m matching the length of our island, which is 10 feet. If you’re space is extra long, you can use two runners, with a small space in between, just make sure you don’t end one in the middle of an entryway. If there are doors alongside the runner, I try to make sure it covers those openings with some extra on the ends. For example, I have 10′ in my upstairs hall way, from the outer edge of one bedroom door the outer edge of the other. I need an 11′ runner so I have a few inches of overlap. I could do 2 smaller, but my stair are in the center and I don’t want to reach the top and see a separation in the rugs.

    **Bonus Tip** Don’t be afraid to mix and match what you like. The days of one style are long gone!

    I could not believe how great the quality of this rug was, immediately out of the box! I expected a rougher, less cozy material, considering the waterproof nature but it is anything but that! It is so soft to the touch, silky smooth and can be thrown right in the washing machine! I wash it on cold, by itself and then dry it on low. It comes out good as new and lays flat immediately with no curling corners.

    Something I overlooked was how great the rug pad would be! It comes in squares and you assemble it easily, the way you would a play mat for a child, just aligning the notches and pressing it together. It is thin enough, allowing my robovac to easily vacuum over it, but thick enough that you feel like you’re on one of those foam sink mats. It offers cushion and grip and is also easily cleaned with a wipe or rag and some cleaner [Like how you would a yoga mat]. I like that it does not have velcro, like I have seen on another brand. My pad got so dirty while I was washing my runner and it was easily vacuumed and wiped right up. I would imagine the velcro is not as easy to clean. This also does not hold the corners down the way that Tumble’s pocket feature does. The runner itself has the built in corner pockets underneath, that the mat slides into, keeping the rug corners down and aligned with the pad.

    I also could not be happier to get rid of the tassels [the robovac was forever getting stuck in them!] This rug literally solved all of my problems!

    If you’re gearing up for a spring refresh or just want a change in general, definitely check out Tumble’s options! Click here for an automatic discount!
    You can use code Kelli_TMBL203 for the discount as well! 

    Thanks so much for reading and for being here! Comment with any questions you may have and don’t forget to follow me on social media to stay up to date with all that I change in my home! You can easily follow me by clicking the icons below!

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  • New Home Decor At Target

    New Home Decor At Target

    Target always has some great selections for your home decor needs but this season they are bringing it! The vibe is neutral, warm and peaceful. I scoured the website and collected a few of my favorites from porch decor to inside your home. I hope this guide helps you with your designing goals and please
    comment with any questions! Don’t forget to subscribe so you get all of the new posts first and
    follow me on any social media you’re on! All of my links are at the end of this post!
    Thank you for being here <3

    Mini Boxwood Stem Bundle – Threshold™

    Pampas Grass Reed Stem Arrangement Beige – Threshold™

    Ceramic Floor Vase with Exposed Clay on Bottom Brown – Threshold™

    Large Ceramic Vase with Exposed Clay on Bottom Brown – Threshold™

    1pc Light Filtering Cordless Jute-Like Roman Window Shade Dark Natural – Threshold™

    Small Artificial Snake Plant in Pot – Threshold™

    Warwick 2 Door Cabinet – Threshold™

    Small Coiled Basket – Threshold™

    Oversized Basketweave Heathered Square Throw Pillow – Threshold™

    Set of 3 Metal and Rattan Wrapped Wall Hooks Brass – Threshold™

    15oz Stoneware Good Morning & You’ve Got This Striped Mugs – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

    Welcome Home Coir Doormat Tan/Black – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

    55″ Faux Gypsophila Leaf Tree – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

    Solid Texture Woven Throw Blanket – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

    Color Block Braided Jute Area Rug Cream/Natural – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia


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  • What Should I Buy From Pink Lily: Winter Style Edition

    What Should I Buy From Pink Lily: Winter Style Edition

    I have pulled together some cute finds from Pink Lily that are perfect for the colder months ahead of us. Winter style is one of my favorites! I ordered all of these pieces and they’re usually here pretty quick, so head to my Instagram in a week or so to scope out the try on and check them out up close.
    I am 5’2 and 142 lbs with a size S/M top and 6/28″/M waist.

    Remember to use code January20 for an extra 20% off.

    Heading Out Black Sherpa Belt Bag

    Top Knot Mama Camel Pullover – Krista X Pink Lily

    Taking A Break Ivory Seam Detail Bralette

    Hit Or Miss Black Mock Neck Bodysuit

    Exclaim My Love Olive Waffle Knit Cardigan

    Ana Ash Suede Stretch Chelsie Booties

    At The Top Pink Acid Wash Oversized Pullover

    Raise The Standard Black Active Leggings

    The Lucky One Cream Fuzzy Boat Neck Sweater

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  • What Should I Buy From Pink Lily?

    What Should I Buy From Pink Lily?

    I literally just purchased some great winter/basics from Pink Lily and thought I would share. These are staples that stay in stock or come back seasonally year after year and after watching them for long enough and reading great reviews, decided to grab them for myself. For reference, I am 5’2 and 140lbs currently. I got a medium in the trousers, size 8 in the leggings [sized up based on their size chart] and a medium in both sweatshirts.

    You can save 20% by using code January20 too. Happy Shopping!

    Trousers    Leggings    Merry Graphic Sweatshirt    Filthy Animal Graphic Sweatshirt


    Thanks for being here! Comment with any questions you may have!


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  • Artistscent Candle Company & Why They’re So Great

    Artistscent Candle Company & Why They’re So Great

    Natalie and I crossed paths at some point about a year ago and I couldn’t be more thankful. She is a kind and generous woman, wife and mother and fragrance expert who happens to own her own company making candles! What’s unique about this company, is Artistscent creates beautiful scented candles in partnership with artists. Each candle’s design is thoughtfully derived from an original piece of art, which Artistscent adapts and permanently screens onto reusable glass vessels through an exclusive license. Artistscent works closely with artists to create custom fragrances that complement each piece and bring it to a new dimension. It is a fusion of art and scent like no other. It’s such a cool concept and so different from anything else you’ve ever seen. The benefit to this process of screen printing, is these glasses can be washed and it won’t ruin the imagery, so after you burn out the candle, these containers can be repurposed. I’m going to share some of the candles I have and some other favorites that I have sampled! These would make such great gifts for hose warming. hostess gifts, teacher gifts; especially that art teacher 😉 and you would be supporting a small business!
    They’re having a Black Friday Sale w/ BOGO 50% Off!!

    From the four-color screen printing process to fragrance creation to the thoughtful packaging, it’s all hands-on. Artistscent strives to work with small US business vendors, many of which are family-owned. All products are 100% made in the USA.

    Meet The Artists

    Ron Chereskin

    Ron Chereskin began his career as a freelance illustrator quickly rising to prominence by producing award winning magazine covers, as well as commissioned paintings and illustrations. His works are on permanent display in the library of The House of Representatives in Washington, DC and MOMA in New York City. Now for the first time and under the Modernist brand, Ron brings four of his favorite graphics into scented candles, combining his stunning designs with his fragrance vision for each.


    Coral is my favorite! Linked here!



    Elizabeth “Lizzi” Karlson


    Illinois-based contemporary abstract artist, Elizabeth “Lizzi” Karlson, is deeply influenced by nature and emotions. Her paintings are full of color, texture, and calming energy. Each piece is unique and is a release of her thoughts, emotions and inspirations. Colorful, moody, calm, or vibrant, the colors of each painting interact to create an ethereal scene and evoke a unique set of emotions for the viewer. Each person will feel and see something different.


    Some Winter/Holiday must haves are linked here —> Evergreen Shore | Soul Flame | Dockside Morning


    Ronnie Queenan

    Texas-based self-taught modern abstract artist, Ronnie Queenan, began his career as an accountant. After being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Ronnie discovered his artistic talent when a friend suggested he attend a healing art class. “From that first day, my life changed forever. I think my art came about as a blessing in disguise.” Painting has had a positive effect and it allowed Ronnie to actively ease his mental state during treatment for his illnesses. Ronnie has now been cancer-free for over eight years.


    Under Construction II is a great scent for the cooler months!


    The Process:

    Artistic elements and principles are embedded in Artistscent’s people and process. Fragrances: Artistscent’s custom and exclusive fragrances are based on each piece of art. The artist conceptualizes how their individual artwork should smell while Artistscent translates their vision into unique scents. It is a true partnership that results in a visual and olfactive fusion. Candles: Developing high-performing candles that burn clean and have a great cold and hot throw (the fragrance strength unlit and lit) is quite complex. It is an art unto itself. The custom fragrances are formulated specifically for Artistscent’s premium wax blend and cotton candle wicks. Candles burn evenly for approximately 55-60 hours. All candles use the highest quality ingredients and are cruelty-free as well as free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic dyes.


    I have so many of these candles and my favorite part is, aside from them looking pretty, they smell amazing even when not lit! If you like shopping small,
    even though you can get them on Wayfair, this is the thing to buy!

    Thanks so much for reading and being here! Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a post or sale!



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  • Target Holiday Tablescape

    Target Holiday Tablescape

    Below I have some key Target pieces to make the perfect classic and elegant tablescape for the holidays!
    They are neutral, so they can be great accents to colored linens you may already have!

    These can also be used as mantle decor or styled on a console table!

    Leave me a comment and subscribe to never miss a post!

    Thank for being here!

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  • Pink Lily Sweaters

    Pink Lily Sweaters

    I went through 4 pages of Pink Lily Sweaters and these are the Fall Trends that I think are a must have for the season. They are also classic and will flow seamlessly into Spring! Don’t forget to use code January20 for an extra 20% off, making these a great deal! I have never been disappointed with the quality or material from PL and in terms of sizing, when in doubt; size up! Most of these are an oversized fit too, so you can also size down! Pink Lily sells out fast and these are hot items, so if you see something you love, I would snag it quick! Happy Shopping and comment with any questions you have!

    [I am 5’2 | 140lbs | S/M Top | Size 6\M Bottoms]

    Know You Best Beige Oversized Striped Henley Sweater | I got the Small | $48

    Lost Hope Sage Pullover Knit Sweater | I got the XS/Small | $52


    Lost Hope Taupe Pullover Knit Sweater | I got the XS/Small | $52

    All I Know So Far Stone Pocketed Fuzzy Sweater | I got the Medium | $42


    Under The Pines Evergreen Cable Knit Sweater | I got the Medium | $42


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  • Chicwish Fall Closet Staples & FAQs

    Chicwish Fall Closet Staples & FAQs

    Hey guys – I’m back again with more Chicwish items for you. This time, I did a Fall Haul and in my opinion, they’re a 10/10, run back and get them all in every color. As a matter of fact, I already own the knit coat in 2 colors! Blanket statement…each piece is soft as can be, stretchy and so versatile.
    Wear them with loungewear or dress them up. I will include sizing reviews below.

    This is the fuzziest and silkiest softest cardi. The balloon sleeve detail is also super fun and on trend.
    This is a great piece to make a statement with or throw on in a chilly office. I got a M-L but it is definitely true to size. I could have gotten my true size small and been fine; the oversized look allows this “size up” to work perfectly.


    This is such a great staple piece. It’s comfortable and has great detail like the scoop hem and the sides. It’s great for lounging or dressing up. I got my true size S-M and it’s perfect. This is definitely true to size.


    This jacket is a must for the cooler weather. I actually own it in 2 colors; tan and black. I have the tan in my true size and it’s just a little snug for me. I love an oversized fit, especially in this kind of style, so I got the black in an XL. A large would have been fine, but I love this so I am keeping it. I can roll the sleeves and it’s a very comfortable and chic statement “coatigan” piece. I would say size up 2 for the best fit.

    Let your search for that batwing turtleneck sweater end. This high low, ribbed sweater is life! It’s soft, stretchy and great quality! It’s not itchy at all, but instead, buttery smooth! I sized up from my usual S-M to a M-L and while I could have gone true to size, I love the oversized fit. It’s perfect for leggings, denim or trousers. It’s a great versatile piece and is definitely true to size.

    Below, I’m answering some frequently asked questions about chicwish!


    1. What is Chicwish? Where it is established?

    Chicwish was founded in 2011 and has teams in the U.S., U.K., and Asia. This boutique-style website is focused on providing vintage-inspired and handmade collections. The company provides both U.S., U.K. and Germany addresses on its About Us page.

    2. From which country does Chicwish ships its orders?
    Depending on what’s nearest to the buyers’ destination and the status of the stock, Chicwish ships its orders from the US, UK, Belgium, or China.

    3. How long does it take the order from Chicwish to reach the buyer?
    Generally, the delivery time of an order is 3-4 business days of processing time plus shipping time. One thing to note is that Chicwish does not ship orders on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

    Customers may track their shipment through the tracking link that’s sent through e-mail once the order has been shipped.

    4. Where can you buy Chicwish?
    The collection is almost entirely exclusive to the brand’s website at chicwish.com, with a few pieces for sale on Amazon

    5. Does Chicwish ship internationally?
    Yes! The brand ships items worldwide.

    6. What is Chicwish’s Shipping Policy?
    The brand ships from warehouses in the US, UK, Belgium, or China, depending on your location and where the items are in stock. Shipping rates depend on
    the location, but here’s the breakdown for orders in the US:
    USPS Ground (8 to 10 days): free over $50 or a flat rate of $3
    USPS First-Class (6 to 8 days): flat rate of $5
    DHL Express (4 to 6 days): free over $150 or a flat rate of $18

    7. What is Chicwish’s Return Policy?
    The brand offers 30-day free returns. Items must be unworn, unused, and in original packaging with tags still attached. To start your return, simply contact the brand for a return slip and further instructions.

    I hope this helped you feel more comfortable about making your purchase. I’m excited to share more with you as I shop! You can shop all of my Chicwish looks on my LTK page!

    Thanks for being here!


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  • Simple, Neutral & Affordable Fall Decor From Target

    Simple, Neutral & Affordable Fall Decor From Target

    This post is a simple one. Just sharing some beautiful, neutral and simple decor pieces that can easily transform your space without breaking the bank. If you’re like me, you don’t go all out for the changing seasons. I prefer to keep it simple and use pieces that can easily transition and be quite versatile. I hope this helps pull together your vision or gives you the jumpstart you need! Happy designing!

    Idea #1: Throw blankets & Pillows

    Faux Rabbit Throw | Cognac Knit Throw | Neutral Knit Throw Pillow 

    These are great options for almost any color furniture, even blue would be a beautiful compliment, quite literally. Blue & orange are complimentary colors! Swap out pillows and blankets for an instant transformation. Drape blankets, kind of messily; for that effortless look, over ends of chaise lounges or the arm or back of the couch. Make sure to karate chop the top center of those pillows too for an extra fluff and high end look! If swapping out pillow covers only, make sure to buy the, the size down from your pillow to again, achieve the high end look!

    Idea #2: Candles/Holders

    Gray Pillar Candle | Tan Pillar Candle | Candle Holders

    Candles are a great way to add warmth and dimension to a space, even if you never burn them. Use varying heights and focus on color and the finish of the candlesticks, to tie them into your current decor.

    Idea #3: Greenery & Baskets

    Faux Ficus Tree | Handle Basket | Fall Leaves | Small Square Basket

    Every space needs a faux tree. It adds texture and depth and can really complete a space without adding too much on the walls or using bulky furniture. Elevate these simple beauties by sticking them in a basket. I’ve actually included the exact basket that I have my faux tree in, in our bedroom. I have these faux stems for almost every season throughout my house too. I keep the same vase and swap out the greenery to match the season. It’s simple, affordable and really makes a statement if used properly! Try to use at least 3 stems together to create balance and fullness. This little square basket it great too. I have the larger size in Jack’s room for his loose toys and it’s just gorgeous and amazing quality.

    Idea #4: Wall Art/Decor

    28″ Round Mirror | Vase

    These are two minimalistic and beautiful decor pieces that can be a permanent fixture in your space but really add some warmth and are quite eye catching.

    Head to my Pinterest or Instagram to get closer looks at my home and see how I put this advice to work! Direct links are right below!

    As always, thanks for being here! Subscribe to stay up to date with all I’ve got going on!


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