Simple, Neutral & Affordable Fall Decor From Target

This post is a simple one. Just sharing some beautiful, neutral and simple decor pieces that can easily transform your space without breaking the bank. If you’re like me, you don’t go all out for the changing seasons. I prefer to keep it simple and use pieces that can easily transition and be quite versatile. I hope this helps pull together your vision or gives you the jumpstart you need! Happy designing!

Idea #1: Throw blankets & Pillows

Faux Rabbit Throw | Cognac Knit Throw | Neutral Knit Throw Pillow 

These are great options for almost any color furniture, even blue would be a beautiful compliment, quite literally. Blue & orange are complimentary colors! Swap out pillows and blankets for an instant transformation. Drape blankets, kind of messily; for that effortless look, over ends of chaise lounges or the arm or back of the couch. Make sure to karate chop the top center of those pillows too for an extra fluff and high end look! If swapping out pillow covers only, make sure to buy the, the size down from your pillow to again, achieve the high end look!

Idea #2: Candles/Holders

Gray Pillar Candle | Tan Pillar Candle | Candle Holders

Candles are a great way to add warmth and dimension to a space, even if you never burn them. Use varying heights and focus on color and the finish of the candlesticks, to tie them into your current decor.

Idea #3: Greenery & Baskets

Faux Ficus Tree | Handle Basket | Fall Leaves | Small Square Basket

Every space needs a faux tree. It adds texture and depth and can really complete a space without adding too much on the walls or using bulky furniture. Elevate these simple beauties by sticking them in a basket. I’ve actually included the exact basket that I have my faux tree in, in our bedroom. I have these faux stems for almost every season throughout my house too. I keep the same vase and swap out the greenery to match the season. It’s simple, affordable and really makes a statement if used properly! Try to use at least 3 stems together to create balance and fullness. This little square basket it great too. I have the larger size in Jack’s room for his loose toys and it’s just gorgeous and amazing quality.

Idea #4: Wall Art/Decor

28″ Round Mirror | Vase

These are two minimalistic and beautiful decor pieces that can be a permanent fixture in your space but really add some warmth and are quite eye catching.

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